Monday, April 26, 2010

Lets see what the doc will say

Tomorrow is fact finding journey to the handsome doctor who put hardware in my foot. He is no nonsense and I am a bit apprehensive. I have been trying a bit much to walk on the foot without his permission.
Somehow today (I think) I did a bit much of it for the ankle does not feel so good.
Lets hope that all will be fine tomorrow morning and I get the go ahead to do what I want. Just walk.
Well, maybe that is asking a bit much, maybe, just maybe I should try baby steps.
Son reminds me every day that patience is not one of my virtues~I agree~ but what the heck I can't be totally perfect.!LOL


Anonymous said...

Well, why give you a darn boot at the clinic that OPENS if it isn't supposed to let your ankle out Until the doctor says so?! Human nature has to be reckoned with, by golly.

Anonymous said...

How are you healing in the ankle? Were your concerns valid about walking a bit on the foot early? Hope the next step (no pun intended) is forward and no boot. Hugs, Deb