Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Very hard day

Bob was doing very well at the home, he saw us and did not seem to notice us.
Then when we stopped him and talked to him, he kept looking into my eyes.
Just looking like he so wanted to know more. Stroked my hair and ignored Sabrina. The clock stopped for a few minutes as we somehow connected at another level. Not even dementia can destroy us.
But when we left he said :I want to go home!
Shock! In the past he waved us goodbye or ignored us.
I went out first rolling the wheel chair between all the others in the hall way.
The ladies in this wing seem to have marvelous chats in their chairs and I had to weave in between them as they looked at my Big Shoe and figured what my problem was.
This wing is much better and calmer.
I do not know the nature of the problems with the others but there does not seem to be too many here with Alzheimer.
His bed was still made up in mid afternoon so he does not sleep during the day but he does walk around a lot.
Still does not know where his room is.
A very hard time for me today and yet I have to admit that I can't set the clock back and take him in again.
Sad but for real.

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Anonymous said...

My mother-in-law changed from a very capable, active, stubborn woman when she was 71. In front of of eyes, eyes that did not see the first outward signs or at times want to. She wrapped her purse with rubber bands, tightly wound so the purse became a thing. The chilly air didn't make her run for a sweater or jacket any more. Then the fridge, to us one day, looked like shelving for all sorts of objects. Why hadn't we noticed before? But the day she called Keith, her eldest, and we went to her kitchen to figure out the calculator she said was broken --THAT day he and I will always remember as The Day We Knew something was Wrong with Mom.