Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 days before Christmas

I am in a tizzy.
I want to forget Christmas and New Year.
I just want it to go away.
Are Jewish people so used to the decorations, songs, bombardments of gift giving, churches with different Gods and still same Jesus born, are they
wondering when it will be Dec 26th and the "white Sales" will start at Macy's?

I know I am so fed up with all my shows being replaced with White Christmas songs
and not being able to walk my dog on that same icy white drive way in fear of
breaking another ankle.

I am missing old Bob like crazy.
He was the Christmas glue to all the stuff being hung while I
loved creating a menu.
This year I am numb, I hurt, I ache, I am physically not doing well.
My children are having problems.
When mother ain't know the rest.
No one wants mother to hurt but no one has the aspirin for morning.
Every one has their own pain in the loss and everyone deals with it in
a different manner. That is how it should be.

I have no answers right now to anything.
Overwhelmed by "things" I should sort, clean, put together.

I would prefer to be alone as no one likes a whiner and that is what I am
right now. If I did not have psoriasis to content with I would probably
start drinking alcohol. My flare up is so huge right now my whole scalp is red
with the psoriasis, the whole friggin scalp.
Not to mention that I have now a red back too covers most of my back.
So wine is out, tomatoes out, but I am still doing my potato route so what the

If you read this and want good cheer go to the next blogger they probably have 100 photos of the new baby...

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