Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Up date

OK so I have not been here for awhile.
There is a reason.
I just did not feel like it and was bummed out.
Thanksgiving was at my house, all kids came.
We had a great meal even if I am the cook, I must say one of my better ones.
Then a discussion started between 2 people and it became quite heated and personal.
I only heard half of it , if that, but it was very unpleasant.
I was not sure that someone was not going to get hurt.
Sides were taken by some and if I had heard everything I think I would
have stopped it and asked everyone to leave.
Next day I felt so hurt and alone I just did not crawl much out of bed.
I then decided the best for me to do is give up the dinners with all here
I am ready to do that anyway.
I am not in a Christmas mood whatsoever, do not want a tree up or any of that jazz,
son does not care either.
Brie will have Christmas eve at her house and it will be very low key.
We are all hurting financially so for sure it is not about presents.
YET I am spoiled by son who is getting me a new TV for my bedroom, one of these flat screens things.
I have a very old TV in the bedroom and he thinks it is time for a change.
I had not noticed that my pixels were not up to par.
The week end arrived and I was trying very hard to get the pain out and of my chest,
Rhonda had free tickets for Dollywood and had a week end open so the two of us went
to Pidgeon Forge and into Dolly's play ground.
It was cold.
So we did shows.
One was mediocre another one was quite nice, we were entertained and I forgot the
fiasco of the week.
We had our share of hot chocolates and found a fabulous buffet restaurant which had everything
and within our budget.
We had a great time, forgot a lot about old tapes and decided to do this sort of thing more often.
Meanwhile I had my fill of the Biltmore castle.
Rhonda had  an employee party there and it was packed and absolutely grand.
Peter's toy was an expensive game. The Cecils showed their appreciation for their workers, it was nice, again our fill of hot chocolate.
Last Night Zack's school chorus entertained us at Biltmore and I was thrilled to see him dressed in black suit and tie and red streaked hair. He loves to sing with the group. I was amazed on how very good they were.
Then we went the Fishers, Rhonda Pete and I to a steak house which had the best ribs.
So I am feeling much better about everything.
I am learning to avoid pain but sometimes we can't quite get it.
Going around with a few people and seeing some life outside of my casa does help.

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