Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sleeping beauty waiting for what? Energy

OK forget the beauty part but what gives with my body/
After walking the dog at 7 I returned for a short nap (I told myself) but woke up at 11
by 2 PM I was exhausted from doing nothing but a few emails and searches.
I woke up at 5, fixed dinner and wondered where my day had gone.
I am so po'd at myself.
Yes, it is dark and gloomy outside, yes there must be a reason why I can sleep so much.
They tell me that my body must need it but baloney I have work to do, floors to clean, bills to pay and check book to balance, make necklaces and paint the winter windows frames.
Lucky I am not doing the christmas thing.
I wou ld have to decorate too.
Old Bob did all the decorating in this house I was always a scrooge (since childhood) it seemed everything
horrible came with the holidays and I just always wanted it to be Jan 2.
Nothing changed that.
Husband was always the leader in our Christmas activities.
After working on making Father Christmas dolls all year and working shows till December I had enough of seeing red shiny balls. Bob never had enough of them. He would have left the tree up till Easter.
I think one year that happened.
So I am taking my vitamins and the thyroid meds but where does the sleeping come from.
Tired of myself. I think I am lazy now, I did not use to be and my mother is turning in her grave.

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