Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing day 2010

So glad and relieved all the hoopla is over with.
No wondering who will be pleased.
Who will talk and who will not talk.
Drama's left and right.
So exhausted from it all.
All because I wanted a quiet Christmas.

So on to the new.
I am looking forward to a new year.
I can't be anything but better than last year.
It has to be so much better.

So lets look ahead with anticipation that I can work
in the garden in 2011 and that I can walk without pain.
That I can make my jewelry and people do like it.
That I can outfox the IRS who now wants all sellers on eBay
to file if you sell more than 200 items in one year.
Gosh I can sell 200 postcards in one month (for instance)
How many people sell items for 99 cents? A lot of them.
More paperwork for the IRS and more $$$$from us , for what???
a war here and there?

OK OK just got a lecture from son.
He is right, we must start paying somewhere.
When I had a shop and sold on eBay I listed everything and
did pay taxes on the income I got from eBay sales.
HOWEVER...if I will sell again on eBay it is solely my personal
Son said it is the law that we pay on anything we sell.
I don't understand that very well....
oh well..not the only think in life I do not understand.....

PS Kahleb can't get into Charlotte airport until Tuesday
too much snow everywhere.

Sabra has 1 day delay too much snow in Paris
Poor kid she so deserves a nice trip with her daughter.

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