Saturday, December 11, 2010

2000-2010 in the world

Not in the right order but remember:
Bush versus Gore
Papal transition
U S Invasion of Iraq
Bush: Mission accomplished
Florida Hurricanes
Hurricane Katrina
London Bombings
Beltway sniper
Mudslides in the Philippines
Obama runs for President
Obama wins
Global financial crisis
Sarah Palin
Hillary Clinton runs for President
Lance Armstrong wins 7th tour de France
Sept 11
disaster in Darfur
Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme
Illegal immigration debate
Home Land Security
Died: The Concorde
MIR space station
The Oldsmobile
Anheuser Busch
Lehman Brothers
started : The tea party

born: Wikipedia
The Euro
You tube
G-20 summits
worth watching : China invested 1.6 billion dollars in Africa in 2000
China has invested 17 billion in Africa by 2009

wow: The defense budget in 2001 was 316 Billion
(13 billion to Afghanistan)
The defense budget in 2010 is 693 billion
(102 billion to Afghanistan and 61 billion to Iraq)

What was said : Bill gates in 2004: "Tw
o years from now , spam will be solved!"

OK enough information for my file.
No I am not that smart, nor a journalist.
I stole all that from TIME magazine.

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