Thursday, December 23, 2010

I am hibernating, the derriere is bigger and the nights longer

I got up at noon.
Noon? I said to myself.
So what?
Who cares?
What difference does it make?

Had a nice visit with daughter Rhonda last night.
Perhaps we can get peace in the K clan again.
Let the holidays pass...let the madness go away.

I saw the young shiny faces at my grandson's concert beaming as they sang:
Joy to the world....
I pondered over these words and thought what nations are enjoying "JOY" what nations are having Peace? How many are fighting because of religious beliefs?
How many are dying for their belief.
Soldiers, innocent children, suicide bombers, old people, young people...
it does not end.

Of course I know I am being told that I am in a depression because I lost a dear one. OK , I will go along with that but then I also seem to feel for others at a
different level ...always , always there are people who at the end of the year take stock of how many are missing at the table. How many no longer answer a telephone call. We all have to go sometime but war of any kind is disgusting to me.

I know a couple of people with sons in Afghanistan.
One is a waitress and we we enter the restaurant I am afraid to see her face with tears. She worries, a lot. Another Mom has her son over there for the 4th time.
She wonders how many times he can dodge a bullet, an explosion.

Life goes on and who is the winner?
Is there ever a winner?
Should there be a winner?

I better go back to bed this is getting to me.

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