Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Good Friday

Yesterday I had a great lunch with friends L and C and after that Sabrina picked me up to go to the Madrigal put on by the Brevard High School.
I took a nap before we left (just to remind myself here how much I sleep)
the Madrigal was a hoot. First of all since I know fabrics and hunted the best for 13 years while making the Father Christmas dolls ,I was surprised at the quality of the costumes. The best brocades , velvets and laces, and the kids walked gently in them so I doubt many repairs are needed after the show. I loved it. The designer is a retired costume maker from Disneyland. She knows her stuff.
The meal prepared by a retired chef who went to the Cordon Bleu school in Paris.
Brevard is lucky to have talented retirees and they are willing to work some more.

The singing was great, the chorus once again in top shape. Several soloist showed their best voices and we were impressed.
The end of the meal with pudding, of course.
The Jester inviting 6 fathers in the audience.'
Frank was one of them. A game insued and the jester told the guys what to say and what gestures to do.....I am a gentleman and went to Paris and bought blah blah blah...with every purchase came a gesture. It was silly funny to see grown man waving arms and pending knees on commands while yelling "Cuckoo, Cuckoo".
Frank was in full swing and did us honor.....
The audience was in stitches and we all went home with a smile on our face.
I was glad I saw it and glad that I had a great laugh, in fact the best I had in a very , very, long time.

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