Friday, December 10, 2010

OK so The Canadians are sending us more cold weather

Supposed to be very cold this week end and into next week.
Showers or snow expected too.
I am getting the vapors thinking of the heating bill.
I am no longer walking my dog on the street.
If I fall again I am a very cold duck.
I keep him in the yard now and he is going on strike.

Doing great the last week, I am actually excited I do not have to do
anything for the holidays. No stress.
Why did I not think of that last year when Bob was still with us and
I just wanted to do it for him, I think he did not know what it all
was about and he hated all the family here on Christmas eve.
In fact I think it was all for us to have him here and to be able to
hug him and fuss over him. It was all for us, not for him.

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