Thursday, December 16, 2010

Surprise, Christmas gift I did not ask for but will enjoy a lot

I said NO Christmas gifts, we are all very tight with money this year.
All agreed.
Then Bobby shows up with a new TV for my bedroom-NOT a Christmas present
Then shows up a year of The New Yorker.
Love that magazine.....
I was reading till 1 30 last night , in bed......
the articles are all so varied but so well written.
So I read about a Russian millionaire in jail being mistreated went on to some mock Santa Claus stories....onto Some statues of one artist, still alive, who are being stolen in several different houses across the USA and in London. Statues are heavy and sitting next to very collectable stuff but the thief takes only one item.Artist has a stalker for her works.....then I fell asleep
but I like the New Yorker lay out , got the idea at Lee's house, wanted to steal all her back issues but she thinks I am honorable so I did n't.
Sabrina heard me and ordered for my non christmas present.
Love those kids.

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