Sunday, December 23, 2012


My darling daughter asked for peace and quiet stopping the anger about the last shooting in a school.
She is right, we should calm down about it or should we be angry?

I for one I am still very angry.
After each one of these shootings there was talk for about a few weeks and then all went quiet again.
The NRA is not going to help, you heard his speech.
Obama promises in January to tackle the gun situation.

Who do we blame in this last horrible event?
The shooter? No doubt , if we believe what they tell us, this kid had been in his own hell for quite some time. He most probably did not know what an emotion is.
He must have written in his computer things he did not want us to see so he smashed it.
He was very sick.

The mother is she to blame? She purchased a weapon made for soldiers. What enemy was she expecting to land in fashionable Ct. district? Why buy weapons at all when you KNOW you have a child with a mental problem.? Did she protect the weapons so that he could not get to them? She took him to the riffle range for heavens sake.
But then he probably could have walked into Walmart and buy whatever he wanted on the racks.

Walmart sold more of these horrible guns after the school shooting. Copy cat buyers? Who knows?

Lets not forget it this time, at the very least lets just sell clips with 6 rounds instead of dozens. To refill a cop takes 1 second a journalist took 4 seconds, in that time even short as it is one can prevent more. It did in one school attack, it prevented more shootings when a person got a chance to get the shooter down.
This sick man/boy in Connected shot 30 rounds ,we were told on the News.

Let's do something.

Not the very least lets have more help available for the mentally ill.

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