Sunday, December 16, 2012

quiet , it is so quiet

Walking the dogs on this rainy Sunday I noticed how quiet the street was.
No one walking. No traffic, looks like every one is huddled inside their home.
Perhaps it is busy on the highway and Walmart may be packed with shoppers but here it is an eerie quiet while the mist is coming down and the sky is grey.
I can't forget the new school shooting. This morning I watched Stephanapolis and the political show and it was an hour about the school. Brie had told me not to watch the news but here it was even on his show.

I do not understand it all. Where to begin? The man who knows said that on Black Friday , just a few days ago. The FBI received 140.000 requests for check ups on gun buyers. Just that one day, 140.000 ! Probably Christmas gifts
, are they all hunting riffles??????????
The kid who killed took 3 of his mothers guns, he left 2 hunting riffles at the house.
The school was locked. So he blasted through two windows with gunfire then slid inside.

He had child hood issues with that school, they now connect him to it while his mother was a volunteer and he a student. Mother decided they did not treat her child with the issues he had and took him home for home schooling.He was 20 when he took his life too. Issues going back that far?????????

One person on the show said more Mental Health cuts are coming, we have enough of them. They closed institutions 50 years ago, that was a good thing BUT where is the mass of people who need me3dication, a person who will listen to them? Professionals who can work with the mentally ill. Our prison are full of such souls, homeless people who just need someone to listen to them.

I am just crushed. I was crushed at the V A Tech as my grandson was in an adjoining room but it changed his life. The innocence is gone after you hear gun shots in your school.

The NRA will fight the right to own weapons. It is a power house. Do we need
these military weapons in our houses?????????Did this mother not lock up her gun collection????Look what it got her.

I am just sick looking at the photos of these lovely happy youngsters, the teachers who went with dedications for our young ones.

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