Monday, December 10, 2012

Red letter day with bright yellow truck!

Grandson Zack has been waiting for this for a long time.
He wanted to take me grocery shopping.
His Mom was my Tuesday girl but now she has to take him for treatments, often he does not feel well enough to drive after his chemo.

Today is our red letter day. He has his truck , the Bumble Bee, it is yellow.
He loves it and I will get to ride in it and take him to lunch!!!!
This will be a big treat for us. We like each other a lot. I tend to try and override Mom's rules, we giggle but at the end she wins and we know it.

I am looking forward to this.
He has to stay in the truck, he does not go where there are a lot of people.
He can't "catch" anything out there. His count yesterday was 8, the like it at 10 so this afternoon he may have blood transfusions again.
In the meantime we will enjoy the morning...

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