Saturday, December 8, 2012

Santa brings gifts a bit early and I learn about games on the Kindle Fire

Last night I saw a show about people's addictions to games on the internet.
I have played Farm Town for a very long time. Young Bob got me started on it and then he got bored and I was on full swing. I now have 16 farms.
I rarely buy the extra's they offer you, I can enjoy without them too.
I think I bought perhaps 30.00 worth over the year.
On the program they tell us that one lady spends about 300$ a month and can't afford it, she is totally hooked on having EVERYTHING the game offers. She can't stop!!!Enters a new breed :"Internet game psychologist" .
Say what? Yes, they need help.
Yup, like gamblers this is for many an addiction which costs money. Big money.
These companies do not put up all these programs for a person like me, they would be going under in no time. Many have. They want the "Big Spenders" so they add a train set, a circus set, another factory, and the list gets larger and larger.

SO fast forward to an early Christmas present from son.
A Kindle with color!!!!The black and white one is lonely in my night stand.
I am so excited and load up Mahjong, check out what books I have not read yet and look at the Smurfs.

The Smurf game on kindle is totally different then the game on Facebook.
My son is hooked, you built villages, plant flowers, trees, windmills,etc..
Here again you can BUY berries to make all these things happen FASTER.
The top you can spend on one buying spree is 99.00. WOW hold on here!
Bob is quick to show me how fast the offer run short of berries and there is a cute "commercial" to where you can get more.....
Bob tells me that in Merry Old when the game first came out parents found themselves saddle with bills to Amazon in the thousands. It became a big public mess.
Kids who play this just clicked for more and more berries. They did not know or understand that Mum and Dad were running out of grocery money.
So I learned very quickly to stay away from that, it goes too fast.
Not sure I like this part of Smurfs, well, still a Belgian at heart maybe I should support that.....yes, I hear you.

Last night I played 4 hours of Mahjong. I am hoping that it does something positive for my brain cells. Probably not.Mahjong is free.
I am delighted with my present BUT I wish it came with more self discipline...sometimes I think that at 80 I am allowed to sit in my chair all day and let the house go to hell. Sometimes I think that....sometimes is right now...where did I put the Kindle? It is being charged...bye bye I have a game to play.

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