Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Old friends revisited

Not a happy camper.
Yesterday I thought I started a stomach flu.
I was very miserable.
The whole day was sort of ruined and I just sat around trying not to scare Bob that I may be getting sick. By night time I was getting worried and at the same time I started to think that this discomfort I had before.

I searched in every corner of my mind, it's not that busy in there nowadays and there it was. This was the hiatal hernia giving me grief. It probably is 20 ore more years since I had a bad bout with it.

Friend Joan who is an expert at it told me what to get for relief. Did not get to the pharmacy today but will tomorrow.

I am either running around belching like a sick animal or acting like a giraffe, you have to get the picture. No further details available.

Had Lunch with L and C again and managed to get 1/2 pancake down with some tea.
They must be wondering as I am a very healthy appetite. The Santas were part of our conversation and as close as we have been they had no idea that we made that many.
They have 2 and they were going to check what numbers they are.

Sabrina bought one on eBay this week and can't wait to get it. She has a cupboard full of them but still liked another one. They have a different meaning now that daddy is gone.

I think that it is 8 PM and moi and my new best friend the Kindle Fire will go to bed, of course Bijou joins us. Good night all.

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