Saturday, December 15, 2012

Another attack...........

Yesterday had been such a lovely day. Sabrina and I had gone around town, shopping and browsing. We came home late and I was totally exhausted ready to just let the groceries sit on the table and crawl in bed.

Bobby told Brie that another school attack had happened and several children were dead. I just did not comprehend in full what he said.

Shook my head and crawled in bed. This morning fresh and alert I read Huffington Post and just could not believe the massacre that happened again.
When or when will we learn to stop this?

What is the problem? Guns? surely. Mental health???Absolutely!
To get help with mental health problems is not easy in this country.
It is expensive, not all insurances cover it, and group facilities with numerous counselors are closing up everywhere. We had one place here in our town, not the best but did help a lot of people with medication and some counseling. They had to close. My pharmacist told me that his clients came begging for their pills which he no longer could give them. Most of these people are running around not always in their right mind. Where is the help???

We have more guns in this country than people.
I walk a lot and alone with my dog, I am very alert when a car stops or slows down,
I know who is around me , who is new, who is a regular. Up the hill of my street 2 people in the last year have been shot in the street. Drug related. You can't ignore any of this anymore. I am not really worried about my walks but not carefree anymore.

I can't even begin to imagine the pain these people will and do have this morning.
Your child just taken away like this. The adults gone. I can't go into it very deep or it will make me sick to my stomach.

I do not think we can fight the NRA but can we do something about better mental health care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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