Thursday, December 20, 2012

Post is now easy

I am delighted that this year the post office is helping us so that not only we can ship parcels in the USA right from our computer desk (which I have done for years with eBay) but now we do not have the hassle of customs anymore and can ship international too via the magic of our computer. This is heaven. Not walking to the post and not standing in long lines.I even order my boxes and stamps on line.

Does this hurt the post office personnel ? Will they have fewer jobs and close more small offices? They are already doing that and cutting and cutting.

I have to admit that for me it was heaven this year.

I noticed that Medicare went up, add to this that AARP for the supplement went up and Humana went guess what the 1.7 percent raise we got on our Social Security does not cover the "up, up, up's"

I have also joined the hundred who emailed the White House not happy with the
talks there.

Do I think that any of my bitching matters????Of course not so I will go back in my cave, hope I can pay all the winter bills and just holler on my blog.

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