Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Great relief thanks to C scan

The new scan did not show anything abnormal said the nice man.
18 months now cancer free so I will keep it that way.

My mood is on top of the mountain until I think of Zack and his parents.

Zack has been in a lot of pain the past days from burns, blisters, bleeding, etc...result from radiation. He is there again this morning and 3 more days with it till he is finished. He is in a bad mood and who would not be.

A friend of ours had the same cancer 5 years ago. He turned 18 when the last treatment had to be done and he refused to go in. He flatly said :"I am 18, I am going to make the decision and NO MORE" .So far he is in the best of health. Who can blame them????

I think a decade from now we will have other means and we will think how cruel this was. The chemo and radiation are just plain hell.

I am in such a good mood until I see Zack's face in my mind and then I loose it.Sabrina too , that is another chapter. She is strong BUT to maintain this is hard.

Love you guys so much.

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Unknown said...

You deserve to be in a good mood and happy about the news! It is great news! Think about how bad it would be if it had been "bad" news.

Zack is doing much better today and with me taking an additional day off, I'm feeling better already!!!

Adore you!!!