Friday, December 21, 2012

Rest in peace

Big John decided to leave us all on Solstice night.
In many ways it was the best for John.
The life he had the last years was full of pain, frustrations,
depending on machines and caregivers.
In and out of Hospitals at least once a month.
Then in nursing homes.
John lived his life in a big way, a giant who loves hunting, having a few with his pals, telling adult stories, and just doing in life what pleased him most.
He had to pay the price. Bad lungs and diabetes beat him and I do suspect he still had a cigarette before he left us.
Most of all he had the best wife, I believe she was his fourth one.
She took such good care of him and a halo should follow her.
Her son and John's stepson was there too to help him up and down to watch him and to love him.
To them and the kids go my sympathy.

Big John if you see my Bob wherever you guys go please do not make him stand on a box again so he can talk to you...then again maybe he is tall too in that dimension.


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