Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I got scalped

I have known my trusted hairdresser since she had small babies, now they are in college. No one touches my head but Theresa. She does not freak out when she sees my scalp totally covered with psoriasis crust. She does not freak out when I am in a bad mood or tired and fall asleep while she cuts.
She always gives me a cut which will grow in very nicely.
She has cut Bob's hair and amused him. Bobby grows his hair till he has 12 inches to donate ,he has great thick hair. Brie has always been there with me and on occasion even Rhonda.

Theresa knows all my secrets, like a bartender she listens.

Since June my driver had other plans, she takes daily trips to Asheville to tend to her son (He is truly mine) and his medical condition.

My hair grew and grew came down my back while my scalp was covered with psoriasis.
Theresa's shop is far from my house so I just waited till there would be a time
Rhonda could take me.

The last photo of me was at the Biltmore and I looked like a witch , I did not need to dress up for Halloween I just looked liked like a very old witch.
So I decided to start begging.
I asked Sabrina for only one present this year, NOTHING else (she will not listen)
but a haircut from Theresa.

No problem said the wonder woman, she simply called the coiffeuse and said: Please go to my Mom's house and cut her hair, I will pay for it!.
Theresa said :Gladly.

So here came my angel hair person scissors in hand.
She asked : how short?
Lately I have it till my jawline but since it grows so fast I said the bottom of my ears.....so she cut and no mirrors around and we talked filling in 6 months of gossip. Plus the dogs trying to get her attention too.

Work all done, I go to the mirror and see that I have little hair left....but you know what? It probably will be another 6 months before I get to Theresa and it will grow out again and again.


Angela said...

you look beautiful and never was there even a hint of witchery detected, even before the stunning haircut !!
You nerarly made me cry as I once had such a wonderful person like Theresa...and then she left me for the big lights of London...life has not been the same since. But...make sure you wear a warm hat in the harsh winter you are having so far...LOL !!!

Rhonda said...

Great pic!

Rhonda said...

Great pic!