Wednesday, December 19, 2012

warm today freezing tomorrow

Mother Nature is playing with us. It will be warm today, perhaps even in the 60's but tomorrow we will drop to the 30's and they even talk of snow in the higher elevations.
Looked at my calendar and it is December. I did not dream this.
Walked the dogs and what did I see ? In one yard the daffodils leaves are up about 3 inches. They think it is March. I should bring my calendar and show them.

My heart is still aching over the school drama but we become a little numb when we read over and over again what did and did not happen. Fact is it did.

Only in NC, last night on the news : The Tea party in Asheville had decided to have a raffle fund raiser. What did they try and make money with? You think baskets of food, turkeys, toys for , no, not these people in front of a pawn shop they were telling the news crew that there will be 2 of these big guns and I forget what they are called, the kind made for the Army not for household items or hunting items.
I just could not believe my eyes.....but they did mention that the winning person will have to get his papers in order before they hand over the gun.....voila.....
A gun society? You bet we are what is next???Maybe they will find a tank to raffle too.

I am pissed.

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