Monday, July 9, 2012

100 degrees in the shade vacation

When I found out that Sabrina had 5 days off I went with it in a hurry.
Checked the places we love , North Myrtle Beach is our favorite, everything in one place, they wanted 7 days stay or no deal. Then Jekill Island our place we love the most does not like dogs and I had decided to take Bijou this time. So we settled
for an expensive place on the beach but their restaurant was very expensive.

Brie had rented a Cherokee whatever...looks like a huge. do not mess with me, vehicle. She no longer wants to add mileage on hers and it is uncomfortable for our giant Zack and his friend.

So last Tuesday we started our journey. Bijou kept looking out the window , I think he wanted to remember the route in case we got lost. He was all shivers of anxiety, he is not used to go somewhere. A home pigeon like the rest of us here in Hville.

It took us 8 hours with stopping for lunch and dinner on the way. We ate in the car as we did not want to leave Bijou in a hot car and Brie did not want to have the rental running for a/c less someone would take off with Cherokee and Bijou.
I was starting to wonder how many people I was going to upset with taking this dog. No one did (out loud anyway). Bijou ate fried chicken like the rest of us...this is the South after all.

Brie did what her sister did in Atlanta, she did not like the room, they upgraded us immediately to a room with better ocean view and a jacuzzi , I do think it was the honeymoon suite. No kitchenette but a jacuzzi would be a good clue!!!

It was still hot even in the evening and you could cut the air with a knife.
Zack and his friend went scouting the lay out and we just watched TV and fell asleep.

The next days was all sorts of activities for the boys, but Brie was by the pool spraying herself with 70 (they have 70 now?) and I tried and tried to get small walks in but I could not handle the air. Here I thought we were going to have hot weather like at home but we would enjoy the breeze from the ocean....the ocean did not want to breathe either. It was pure humidity and no relief in sight. One morning at 7 I managed to walk Bijou for a long walk on the beach and it was do-able , I was so excited and Bijou loved to check every item on the sand. New smells, new items to bark at. Walkers would come up to him and say how cute he was and he responded with growls or bark....he did not go to charm school but he was constantly within inches from me. On the return from the walk it was 8 am and I barely made it to the room.
The air was already thick and I was breathing very shallow, like a very old lady.

However hot and humid it was I just LOVED my a/c room , pure luxury for me.
I was in it more than I was out and that suited me fine. Quiet, cool and let the troops do what they want and Bijou and I took more naps than we needed.

The guys played in the pools with grown ups and kids alike, there was so much laughter and joy to see them, my heart tried to be in a positive way and know Zack will be ok.

I ate more fresh shrimp, peeled them with delight lb by lb. while Brie stuck to the crab legs. I dare not weigh myself now. I will wait another week or...two.

I excused myself from mini golf and bike riding, the guys drove over the whole island and met with hordes of mosquitoes. I was bitten by some sand fleas but did not see the no see ums and did not feel them either. I think they could not go through this thick mass of air.

I did go on the buggy ride as we created our own wind by this fast moving vehicle(25 m p h).

A lady in a gift shop saw my necklace and wants me to send her photos of my collection.....ahum....the collection I still have to put together...everything right now is at my shop. It was nice to be wanted.

If all of this sounds extremely boring then you are right BUT when it is 95 at home without a/c and one can get a few days by the ocean with it....that is all that
counted for me, as for the boys they had a blast, they made friends and Zack for a few days forgot what is coming this week .On Friday we saw him doing search on "petscan" it was on his mind...of course it was...I hope for a few days he just forgot the whole situation.

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