Friday, July 20, 2012

worldwide friends

When I was a teen ager in the late 1940's I wrote to 3 girls in the USA.
Our school gave us addresses. One sent me pictures, her name was Joan and she
lived in Minnesota. She was very cute. I could not get her letters fast enough.
I do not remember the others that much, one was from Ohio but no one from large cities. Their life seemed like a dream to me. That was eons ago.

I am still writing, I just never stopped writing. Most of it was letters to myself with all my problems and woes and after I wrote them I would burn them.
My grandmother had done that at the turn of the century when she found herself in Italy far away from her mother and with an workaholic husband. She told my mother to write and burn it and take long walks. That was all before we had yoga guru's, shrinks with long named titles, experts on the mind etc....

That advice however is a help.

Now in my small, small world. Most friends gone, my hearing a factor in conversations,
I leave the house perhaps once a week with Brie.
YET I have a world of people who write and support all my moods and woes.

Little did I know in 1997 that my son was telling me to get "with it" and learn about computers. I said NO WAY Then I saw how he was buying and selling on a new place called eBay. That was something else, I have retail blood in my veins. I was hooked.
I have been with eBay since November 1997.
I sold a lot bought a lot and still do.

The icing on the computer cake now this very day are my friends.
I get emails, advice, prayers, nice cards, uplifting words, gorgeous photos.
I live with these "E friends", I rejoiced when one had company from Indonesia and loved the photos of gorgeous children. I cry with a friend who's son is ill and too early in a nursing home. I had a football (soccer) coach and he passed on a few years ago and I still think of his emails about his heros in the sport. His wife now consoles me in a hard time. They are from everywhere, the UK, Belgium, Crete, New Zealand, Illinois, California, cold New England, I can't name them all.

I open an email and find myself smiling, I am not alone. I may sit in my nightgown, my dishes may be in the sink waiting for me to get off my derriere but here I sit with my coffee and drink in the loving words of comfort.

Alone? yes, lonely? NO.
I am involved in many lives and thank you, Bobby, for insisting that I was not
dumb and that I could master the computer plus listing on eBay, make thousands of photos from my wares and most of all giving me a world of women who care.

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Unknown said...

You are one cool, hip grandmother!!! Zack LOVES that he can tell all of his friends how you got your start on ebay and still are on the computer every day!! Rock on Mom!! Love you!!