Saturday, July 21, 2012

for my Republican friends

You do not like Obama, I get that.

I never like Bush and I told it to the world too.
That was Bush son. I actually like the father.

Here is the deal.

My kids are using the Obamacare new law to get insurance for their son with a pre-existing condition, the insurance will pay 80 percent.

The other option would be to file bankruptcy when all s finished in a year or more. That would ruin Frank's business and make the rest of their financial life a mess.

OR: they could file and hope to get help from Medicaid (= we the tax payers)

Or they could pay the hospital 25.00 a month for the rest of their lives and still have bad credit and a hospital which will loose out big time.

I am not very smart with politics, I find them all to be crooked but I know when I tried to get long term insurance ,many years ago, my husband was refused because of a previous cancer (then healed) disease.

My kids will owe money at least the 20 percent but the hospital will get paid for sure with 80 percent of the bill, a bill which we, the tax payers, will not have to pay with Medicaid.
That is what it comes down to.

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