Sunday, July 22, 2012

A day out and looking at shops!

Brie is coming, I need groceries for the week ahead but we will have lunch together, pour our hearts out and make it a fun day.
It is warm outside with gorgeous white clouds.
Bob used to have names for clouds as he did so many watercolors in different countries and so these clouds he would name "Dutch clouds". They would remind him of some watercolors he did in Amsterdam in the 1950's before he knew me.

I was surprised to have my son take me outside the other day and show me the
clouds. They were gorgeous. He had never done this before. I was a bit chocked up as old Bob did this often. Unfortunately he also did it while driving:"Look at that cloud" he would say and I would yell "look at the road ". We would both giggle because I knew he was always an artist before he was anything else.

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