Tuesday, July 17, 2012

another day...another answer...

It took me all day yesterday to get over this sick feeling in my stomach and the headache that would not leave me. I heard the good news but it did not sink in and then the negativity came out :"what if there is something wrong at the incision"...they said they saw something?????what was it....more specific please....well , today they go to Protocole and the big experts on this disease.
I read some comments on the doctor and they were all glowing reports.

By night time I was full of energy and just kept making necklaces. Finally at midnight I took an advil and fell asleep. (also helps my knees).

This morning I am full of hope of getting just good news today.

I know the precaution is chemo and that is going to be a rough ride and maybe not, every one is different. Zack is very strong and very young, that is a plus I would think.

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