Thursday, July 12, 2012

The giant in the family

Tuesday morning the phone rings quite early, as I do not get too many calls a day this ringing ,of course, will bring the panic button in my stomach.
"Hello, Meme, I am on my way to your house, I will trim your hedge!"
"Zack it is supposed to rain".
"I will work till it rains, my buddy is coming along".

My hedge started to grow out early this year like everything else, it is huge. I no longer can tackle this and young Bob is allergic to pretty much everything outside.
His dad was too. They get this swollen face and could go and audition for the "Beast". One time I took Bob to the doctor for a shot and the good natured doctor said:"Bob, you should come in with a bag over your head, you are scaring my patients!".

Zack or Brie usually do the hedge but I did not want to ask anyone with the new circumstances and before that I wanted the birds to be able to nest in peace.

Zack has the voice and the body of a grown man but he is 16, in Meme (moi) eyes he is still a baby no matter that I feel like a midget next to him. We all know I am NOT "petite". His grandfather Fisher is a real giant, the man is huge and we think Zack still growing will be like him. In the small town they live in if you talk about "Big John" everyone knows you are talking about John Fisher. I think Zack said he was 6 feet 6 right now.

I look at him and I am wondering how such a strong body can be sick. He can't be. They must have removed all the cancer in his surgery. We will know more after the petscan which is tomorrow.

We are all acting and "trying" to think positive, yet there is this horrible Mrs. Fear, she crawls into your subconscious like a jealous wife. She whispers :"BUT....little cel...a spot here or there..." . It is hard to tell that one to go to hell but this is what I am trying to do every minute.

Zack has been my buddy since the day he was born. Dimples, long eyelashes and
eyes which no doubt will send many a girl to the moon and back.
Here he is at work:

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