Sunday, July 15, 2012

The long week end

It feels like this is a never ending week end.
I am trying to conquer the anxiety and fear.
I am not very good at it.
The next 2 days will tell us the rest of Zacks story
where to go next and what will be done next.
So I am just sitting on the computer, playing games, checking out stuff and
running to my consolation place : the refrigerator.
I take an advil at night for the aches but it helps me sleep.
Bijou cuddles close to my back and I then feel some comfort while sleep
sets in. Wake up and the first thought is : Zack.

Zack surprised us with a visit today and got his bracelet from Uncle Bob.
He was all smiles. The kid is so full of energy, he just can't be sick.
What joy it was to see him come in and surprise us while he was driving Mom's car.

Way to go Zack, do not text and drive or read your many messages and drive.

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