Tuesday, July 17, 2012

on to second opinion

The news today at the Protocole Program clinic was really a bit alarming to Sabrina and Frank.

First of all another scan tomorrow and the next day a bone marrow inspection.

There is a small spot they are concerned about right at the incision.

Because the surgery was done (when we all thought it was a simple growth) and the surgeon
Did not treat it as a cancer until he got the report weeks later from the lab. Because of this
Zack can’t get into the program.

A second opinion is now in the works.

If he goes to Memphis to the St Jude’s Foundation , IF he is accepted there then
All the medical cost including air fare are free. That is what they will try for a second opinion.

St Jude does ONLY children with cancers and has done this for decades.
Thanks to Danny Thomas who started this years ago.

He cant go to school to finish his last year.
He had the rug pulled from under him today as he is very popular and has tons of friends and also football will be out. The scare for infections is such that they do not want kids in school for a year.
This is huge and Zack is now very angry and will need to be watched, I fear.

Chemo will take 5 days in hospital as they do it very slowly each day.

This is serious. This scares the hell out of me. Such a fun person and such a warm heart person.
Why? So we all learn another lesson? I had enough lessons to fill my 80 years and take on the
Ones that Zack should not have. I am rattling because I am stunned and on hearing Sabrina explaining it all in tears and afraid.

The cost of all this would be around a million she was told. Memphis is starting to look good.

Wish I had something fun to say….but I will be better when I process all this.

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