Thursday, July 19, 2012

calming down

now that we have a program in sight and stipulations to what to do when, now then we are relaxing.

OK repeat that, please.


Why did my waffles end op kind of mushy? Oh! I forgot the oil!
My teen age guest is very polite and did not say they were terrible.

Why did I go to the washing machine to reheat my spaghetti?

Why are all my entries in the scrabble with friends just 3 letter words and I am getting smashed in the contests?

Why did I go to bed the other night with my day clothes on?

Why do I yell at the dogs, they are always in my way but this week
they truly look like Mac trucks ready to fall over.

Why did I make an opera length necklace when the order was for a choker?

Why would I just like to go to bed and put the covers over my head and wake up next year.

It is unfair.
Life is unfair. My grandson is fullof life and energy, why does he have to be full of chemicals in the nextyear? Why? I am 80, I had a full life, why could it not be me. Why did my husband who had more faith than anyone I know have an disease which was a slow death sentence.

I am relaxing....never mind...tomorrow I will be much better.

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