Friday, July 13, 2012

Results on Monday 16th

Will I be able to have my 14 Juillet party and celebrate with the French?
Well, I have never done before so it will be a calm Saturday.
21 July is the feast day for Belgium and the festivities in Gent for 7 days and nights. Gentse Feesten. Wish I was there but all the chaos and people may be a bit much for me too.
So we wait till Monday for results for Zack and probably even Tuesday as they meet
with the protocol team then.

The sun is back and the heat came right quick after the rain but the new monster
in the office works like a charm I had to turn it off I was getting so cold.
I am delighted it is working and the breakers have not given up on us and all the
electrical wiring.

I ate M and M's all afternoon now I do not feel so great about eating dinner.

Hand in there, Jeannot

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Unknown said...

That stinks that you all have to wait all weekend! Still praying for all of you.