Saturday, July 21, 2012


While I just worried all week about my family there was terror lurking
in Colorado.
12 miles from the massacre at Columbine years ago another person had plans of destruction.

The massacre at the movie theatre so far has cost 12 lives and many more are struggling to survive.

The young man who did all this is a mystery to most of the people he touched in his life.

Where to put the blame????

First of all the crazy laws in this country. He bought a lot of weapons on line.
The others which required ID's he passed, he had a clean record.
BUT why do we sell these weapons? Because the NRA is holding hands with Washington
and I do not see any changes coming soon.

What have we become???About 5 years ago someone snitched on a friend and police stepped in a house full of weapons and ammunition. The house was a few blocks from mine. Police said if it had exploded probably 2 blocks would be flat. They said he was nuts. Voila, that is a good explanation. They shoot because "God told me to do that" they shoot because of mental illness and in the end it gets forgiven.

Where is our mental health help? Clinic after clinic closes.
Our prisons are full of people who need mental help not shackles.
It took my son 3 years to be able to find help for agoraphobia. Try and get someone to come to your house to help you is almost unheard of.

My heart cries for all these people who lost someone because they wanted to see a movie.

Blame Hollywood? They will. But they have made Batman movies forever. Come on.

The world today is again pointing at the Americans who are weapon crazy, we may just as well point to Washington and follow the is all about money in the end.....

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