Monday, July 23, 2012

A fresh week

Starting a new week.
I am finally starting to KNOW that Zack will be fine at the end of this road.

Rhonda called and her ultra sound for the breast was ok.
A water cyst or something like that, said dr.
She was afraid if it was bad news how she was going to tell this family.
But all is good.

I now know that I have been a total wreck.
I am now calmer because of Sabrina's visit, we talked a lot about what dr. say and
what Zack tells us.

Time and time again we hear from parents that they learn from their sick children, the courage and grace they have. We are starting to see this in Zack.
He does not want fuss around him, just let him have his games and his texting with friends and he is ok. He refuses to take meds because he is afraid to have accidental overdose of mixing medicine , he knows the results which we had in our own family.

He takes the pain, wish he would not. The pain from the last surgeries is a bit hard to take but he just takes it.

Not a wimp at all. Perhaps too much of this macho stuff.

Today preps for the first chemo, EKG's and stuff like that.
Tomorrow final council before a schedule is made.
Not all of them stay in hospital, they check the vitals and how they react to it.
Then decisions are made to either stay or go home.

He is so strong perhaps this will not touch him very much.
His buddies have sworn if he looses his hair that they will shave heads too.
He thinks this is cool and nuts.

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