Sunday, July 22, 2012

so much for shopping

My shopping trip with Brie was finished in a hurry.
We went to lunch.
Had a great conversation back and forth about the last week.
I feel so much better.
She has become my mother.
Went to Staples and immediately became ill with indigestion and everything else.
Rushed home and stayed in the bathroom for awhile before crawling back in bed for several hours.

Fine now I think that I just let go of all my worries and said like Bobby said "F" cancer and we go on.

I think I will be OK and able to function like normal (what is that) again.

We all want "normal" schedule the chemo and be on with our lives.
Zack already had an entourage and when he did not feel well , he called his cousin (same age) and this calm young man came right over and spent the night.
These kids are resilient. Zack saw a lot of kids much younger at the cancer center so he knows he is not alone.

Brie was upset that all they sold in the gift shop was pink ribbons and shirts about saving the tatas. Little bald girls looking around if there was something for them and is was zero. The pink ribbons and tata shirts bring in the money but for heavens sake start making something for the kids with leukemia and other cancers.
I lost 2 friends with breast cancer, I miss them, but then I also lost a friend with other cancers.

We hardly ever hear about prostate cancer, tell the men to go and have a psa check before 50. The ones who die from prostate are the young ones, for the old ones it is a slow moving cancer. My husband had it and seed implants saved him. Now at the same age they no longer do anything, they figure that they die from something else first.
But make people aware.

Off my soap box. I am feeling fine and will be on the go!!!!

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