Wednesday, July 18, 2012

we stay in NC

A lot came into these kids decisions.
Not much help is out there once you have the ball rolling.
Every body in the field wants to start from scratch....
They want to have started it themselves with the surgery.
We did not know it was cancer until 2 weeks AFTER the surgery.
The tests took so long to come back.
At first examination the surgeon thought it would be some sort of cyst, remove it and forget it.
Every hospital wants to have been at point A before the surgery and then do the
follow up so they have it from start.
At this point St Jude said that all they would add is chemo and the same formula
as they will give him here. They are not interested in starting it from this point.
Here supposedly they work with other hospitals for every thing they do, I forget which ones.
They follow procedures from trials of the past which worked not the new protocol of new formulas which may or not be better and have not been tested yet.
Brie needs to work, needs her pay check every week and will have tons of medical expenses even on top of some possible available help. Zack has asked to please stay in town so that he can continue to text and write to his friends and perhaps they would be allowed in the hospital when he does receive his chemo (starting next week).
He did not want to go to Memphis every 3 weeks and Sabrina would have a hard time having a full paycheck every 3 weeks.

So much enters into it.
So they are staying here.
We know a young man, Nick's future son in law, who had the same cancer and
after 1 year is clear of it, he had it on the bone and did not loose his leg.
Today he is fine and healthy, he was in Asheville.
So thank you all for your help these past weeks, it was terrific to find out so much stuff from people in different states and with different experiences.
Had we know what we know now , Brie would have started in another place (I think)
and would have had a surgery done in another place, but we can't go back.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers and keep them coming.
Brie and Frank are doing worse than Zack.
Zack is a trooper, he tells us to shut up already about it all, he is tired of listening to it. He wants to go in have done what needs to be done and get it over with.

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